Group Teaching



我们的中学与JC H1班也是根据这个概念与方法分班。保证让您的孩子获得最大的学习效果!

Step Up Classes

Students are taught at an appropriate pace for their level.
A proven and effective way to guide students towards gradual improvement!

For Primary School students, they are divided into three levels of classes: Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. The lessons focus on Essay Writing, Comprehension and Oral Skills which constitute about 80% weightage for the PSLE. It is of utmost importance to help your child lay a solid foundation in these 3 areas.
Composition and comprehension make up almost 50% of the total PSLE score for Chinese. However they are often the areas of weakness for students. This causes students to regard Chinese as too difficult to learn and subsequently, lose interest. At The Chinese Solution, we categorise primary students into 3 levels based on their linguistic ability rather than their age. An older student may be placed into a lower level if found to be relatively weak, and vice versa. In this way, weaker students are taught at a suitable pace, boosting their interest and confidence. On the other hand, stronger students will be allowed to stretch their potential to the fullest.
For example, if a P5 student has the linguistic standard meeting only P3 requirements and he or she is placed in a P5 class, it will be a struggle for him or her to learn. This is a common practice in many tuition centres, and it will not be easy for the student to improve – it may even result in the wrong attitude towards the Chinese Language. If a P3 student has the standard of P4 or even P5, it will be a pity if he or she is not able to attain higher learning outcomes by joining the study group of higher levels.
Secondary and JC HI classes also employ the same student placement method.
Our student placement method is simple and effective. The main objective is to assist the students to achieve the best learning outcome.