Music & Chinese (K1-K2)




在幼儿园 (K1K2)  阶段,我们为您的孩子培养对音乐的兴趣,同时给他们的华文打好基础。在“音乐与华文班”,您的孩子在每堂课都会学唱一首歌,歌词根据学校课程内容编写。每唱完一首歌后,学生将能轻易地朗读歌词与理解歌词的意思。在唱歌的过程中,您的孩子也将学会一些基本的乐理,如掌握音乐的节拍与旋律。通过敲击乐器的训练,让孩子们学会如何欣赏与享受音乐。


Music and Chinese (K1-K2)

Our ‘Music and Chinese’ lesson makes learning Chinese fun and effective, while helping to develop musical interest and skills in your child.
We help you lay the foundation of your child’s Chinese language abilities and arouse his or her interest in the language from a young age. Your child will learn to sing songs which are specially customised according to the current school syllabus. He or she will be taught to grasp the meaning of the lyrics, expanding their vocabulary through recitation. Your child will also learn the basics of musical theory, including basic rhythmic patterns and melodies. Your child will also be taught how to play simple musical instruments while singing, further enhancing their enjoyment and appreciation of music.